the Science of Diversity

Groups are diverse, people aren’t. To many people this is a new idea.

In fact, diversity is created when a group expresses differences among its members that are meaningful in terms of the situation or task at hand. Thinking of groups as diverse, rather than people as diverse, can lead to a radical shift in understanding about how organizations build value through diversity.


diversity, inclusion, and equity

Diversity (variability) and inclusion (practices that realize the value of that variability) are a set: having diversity doesn't contribute to results unless it is present, expressed, and integrated. Equity (system rules) supports and reinforces diversity and inclusion at the system level making rules and norms fair and visible.

Diversity is not just an aspiration – it’s also a set of science-based ideas and practices that need to be well understood, well regarded, and well managed. Leaders in diversity practice show results through vibrant teams, new leaders, engaged employees, and more satisfied customers.

Science-based ideas and tools make the journey of building inclusive and equitable organizations possible. The Impact Seat has identified more than 50 potential areas of engagement for companies across functional areas, and up and down the hierarchy, from leadership to entry-level employees.

We use data analysis, diagnostics, inquiry, convening, and leadership consulting to support your company’s journey in building an inclusive and equitable organization.

Let’s talk about where you are and where you want to go — broad brush or sharply focused. We will partner with you to develop a tailored diversity and inclusion strategy that fits your company right now.


science-based models

As a science-based company, The Impact Seat has built proprietary models, based on our own original research, to assist companies in assessing and responding to diversity and inclusion challenges.

Models help people to conceptualize the relationship of related ideas, processes, and objects whether these involve, for instance, management practices, diversity traits, or system rules. Each of our products has embedded models that give a company, a team, or an individual a vision and language for how various elements are inter-connected – how changes to one element cause changes in others.

Models are strategy tools as they allow organization members to share a point of view.They give management a road map for how to realize desired performance outcomes.

The Impact Seat Framework of Best Practices for Diversity and Inclusion, for example, was built through researching more than 130 leading U.S. companies and their efforts to build an inclusive workforce and society. The data show that across all companies there are common practices and innovative practices, and that companies vary in the degree to which diversity and inclusion are embedded in the company DNA.

There is a place to start.

- Maybe it's teaching your leadership team the language of diversity and inclusion and the path to being effective allies and champions.

-Maybe it's implementing a mentoring program ease the culture fit for under-represented groups - or supporting champions with the newest ideas and community building techniques.

Partner with The Impact Seat. We are your bridge between science and practical solutions that deliver results.


diversity squared

The Impact Seat concept of Diversity Squared is inspired by biology. When looking at an ecosystem, biologists consider the number of different species and the quantity of each species. The more species there are, and the larger the quantity, the richer the ecosystem.

We believe this exponential effect of diversity has relevance for the workplace. If a company has groups of people with many types of diversity, and the contributions of that diversity is recognized and expressed, then the results of that innovative capacity will be more than the total of individual elements.

Ecosystems at work are as complex as those in nature. Defining and implementing for diversity and inclusion requires a plan and reinforced practice —plus the capacity to take advantage of opportunities and recognize and manage problems as they arise.

At The Impact Seat, we've developed ideas and tools that can translate diversity (variety) to inclusion (expression)- and then to performance (results). We will work with you to:

-Use data to evaluate your company’s success in attracting, hiring, retaining, and promoting talented people.

-Develop a diversity and inclusion strategy, broad brush or start-in-place.

- Inspire teams to learn new practices.

-Build your road map of decisions and actions with fresh, thoughtful, and science-based ideas.

-Assess challenges and roadblocks.

-Employ diagnostics to understand the diversity profile of your team and organization.

-Measure impact.

When companies have a rich ecosystem of diversity - just like in the natural world - they can intersect and adapt in ways that leave them more capable internally and more connected in the marketplace.