working with You and your company

Our priority is to help you solve problems and create opportunities in your organization using the ideas and practices of diversity, equity and inclusion. With a science-based approach, we can help you analyze, strategize, learn, measure and track.



Business attention on diversity, inclusion, and equity is on the rise - and, in our experience, most companies are somewhere on the spectrum of trying to figure out what to do; and why and how it matters.

We can meet you where you are.

There may be a particular problem that needs addressing — a leaky talent pipeline, a mismatch between sales force and customers, an interest in unconscious bias training, a troubling ERG network, or a senior leadership team in need of the ideas and words of inclusion. Or, it may be time for a real plan to embed inclusive practices in work teams or within the organization overall.

We use data, narrative, and visual analysis tools to assess the current position, examining in a scientifically rigorous way for instance, HR data, communication plans and output, and strategic plans. This will give you a clear sighted, “outside eyes” view of how you are operating and what results you are generating. We puzzle out with you where you are and where you can, or should, go next.

Tools including Diversity Diagnostics, Talent Pipeline Analysis, and Program Assessment help team and executive leaders provide analytics and direction for building inclusion in place.

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Becoming a diverse and inclusive organization requires a culture shift for most organizations. Making a culture shift involves mindset and behavior change in terms of how we interact in the workplace, how we think about problems and solutions, what talent we have available, and how we prioritize and decide. This begs a short, mid, and long-term view.

We can help your organization understand its options and their costs and benefits focusing on one area or addressing the need to embed inclusion more fundamentally.

We can work with you to design performance metrics and work plans that are meaningful in relation to the goals you’ve established.

The Impact Seat Diversity Dimensions model and Strategy Framework can give you a well-grounded road map.




Employees often lead the drive for diversity and inclusion and motivating their willingness and ability to enact diversity priorities is an important task for management. Convening, supporting, allying, and training your workforce in inclusion practices needs to be an ongoing commitment. In implementation, it reaches into the specifics of employee interaction and decision-making — how meetings are run, how teams are formed, or interviews are conducted.

Our network of experts are available to develop and deliver programming that is innovative and conventional. If you want to reach employees with the message and tool kit to confront unconscious bias, we have the experts to convene. If you’d like to boost motivation on a daily basis, our Communication Hive messaging product delivers regular messages right into your communication stream.

Our learning products (like the Communication Hive) and excellent speakers and trainers on topics like unconscious bias allow employees to connect principles to business practices in the rhythm of the business. Common group activities such as one-on-one meetings, team meetings, hiring committees, and important decision events become grounds for training to support inclusion and build equity.