An Ecosystem for inclusive Innovation

The Impact Seat holds deep experience in many aspects of entrepreneurship — the start-up and the entrepreneurial team, the crucial network of advisors, investors and funders, and the wider regulatory and legal net. To each of these dimensions we bring a focus on equity of opportunity and participation.

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Entrepreneurs Building Teams

There are many styles of entrepreneurship. Driven by wealth creation, innovation, social welfare and job creation, entrepreneurs bring the economy to life. The Impact Seat has experience across this spectrum:

  • high growth, high potential ventures and their founding teams including those in STEM where innovation rules and inclusion is a hot button issue;

  • social entrepreneurship worldwide that marries business practices to embedded social values;

  • private enterprise, including family business.

We advise founders and top teams on inclusive practices — including ways to bring out the diversity of their people in practical, in the rhythm of the business ways. We also study and prescribe policies and practices that bring equity to non-profits, for-profits and government.


The Investor Network

The Impact Seat founder, Barbara Clarke, is an angel investor and venture capitalist active internationally. She brings her values to the table looking for opportunities to support women and men of color entrepreneurs with access to knowledge, networks, and capital.

Founder Teresa Nelson has researched the entrepreneurial ecosystem for over 15 years as an academic and practitioner bridge. Through roles on boards including Women Equity Growth and Astia, she has been part of the movement to bring equitable access to capital to mainstream discussions in entrepreneurial finance.

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All Together Now by and for entrepreneurs

In 2019, The Impact Seat Collaboration — the 501(c)3 non-profit arm of The Impact Seat — will launch All Together Now, a movement to connect and encourage. The group will fill a significant gap in leadership development in the current entrepreneurship ecosystem by focusing especially on entrepreneurs that are under-served and under-represented in demographics, aspirations, capital networks, engagement patterns, and company stage.

The group will:

  • prioritize their reach to aspiring and working entrepreneurs, especially women of color, who are ambitious and who face discrimination in access and opportunity

  • tailor activities to engage entrepreneurs and their companies at different stages - start-up, employee-creating, and growth ventures - delivering expert, curated content that addresses their needs in the moment

  • serve a wide variety of industries – many neglected by the current ecosystem that is extraordinarily focused on investor-favored technology businesses

  • support entrepreneurs who intend to keep their ventures private – who want to grow through personal investment, revenue, family engagement and debt

We know and believe that entrepreneurs thrive when they are nodes in a wide and diverse network from which they can access the resources they need for themselves and their ventures. All Together Now will take a “whole person” approach and understand that entrepreneurship is an act of the mind, of the heart, and of the community.