women’s leadership Case StudIES

Three companies find themselves at different stages of the promotion of women’s leadership journey.

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A global pharmaceutical giant based in Europe is internally approached by their women’s leadership Employee Resource Group (ERG) about the need to develop female leadership in the organization. With corporate blessing and support, The Impact Seat assists the ERG to develop a leadership development program that joins men and women participants in discussion and exploration of practices that can boost inclusiveness and the promotion of diverse slates.


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Why is our sales force 85% white males? And what do we think our demographic profile in sales should be, given our company values and the expectations of our customers? A top team strategy session with The Impact Seat helped this company understand what their metrics for transformation should be — and how they could achieve progress without creating a cultural dialogue that suggested women hires were being promoted over men (the “reverse
discrimination” charge).

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A major reorganization is planned for a national media company and leadership is aware that this is an important moment to consider how this “point in time” opportunity could shift the gender and ethnicity demographics of the regional system, providing a major new talent succession pipeline of senior women. The Impact Seat provided a framework for an inclusive process that addressed common problems: Did talented women apply? What unconscious biases might hinder their full consideration? How can a company manage for the diversity of the whole, while providing for equity and inclusion on the front line?