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Best Practices for Diversity & Inclusion: How Does Your Company Stack Up?

Our research identified over 150 current diversity and inclusion (D&I) best practices of leading U.S. firms. The data show that across all companies there are common practices and innovative practices, and that companies vary in the degree to which D&I practices are embedded in the company DNA.



Review your company for diversity and inclusion best practices

This checklist lets you think through how your organization is approaching diversity and inclusion — what it does well, and what might be next on the agenda.


quick win

what motivates change

We’ve designed this set of discussion starters for you to start exploring — with your team, your manager, or your diversity and inclusion leader — the good reasons why a company comes to their interest and commitment
to diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Diagnosis is a first step to making change. With these 6 leading motivators in sight, what are your thoughts about why a diversity and inclusion effort is right for your company?