the impact seat collaboration:
a non-profit with purpose

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We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization created to champion, connect and encourage entrepreneurs who are building the economy from the ground up. We fill a significant gap in leadership development in the current entrepreneurship ecosystem by focusing especially on entrepreneurs that are under-served and under-represented in demographics, aspirations, capital networks, engagement patterns, and company stage. We prioritize our reach to aspiring and working entrepreneurs, especially women of color, who are ambitious and who face discrimination in access and opportunity.

  • We tailor our activities to engage entrepreneurs and their companies at different stages - start-up, employee-creating, and growth ventures - delivering expert, curated content that addresses their needs in the moment

  • We serve a wide variety of industries – many neglected by the current ecosystem that is extraordinarily focused on investor-favored technology businesses

  • We support entrepreneurs who intend to keep their ventures private – who want to grow through personal investment, revenue, family engagement and debt

  • We know and believe that entrepreneurs thrive when they are nodes in a wide and diverse network from which they can access the resources they need for themselves and their ventures

  • Our content is state of the art; built by 4 founders with 50 collective years of work experience with entrepreneurs of all kinds, with a focus on how people learn, and how they connect

  • We take a “whole person” approach and understand that entrepreneurship is an act of the mind, of the heart, and of the community

Join us! First event being developed for fall 2019 in Boston.

Barbara, Anna, Betty and Teresa


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