Resources For Entrepreneurial Women in Life Science and Technology

Government and academic researchers have been studying women’s participation in science and technology for decades. Barriers to women’s participation concern gender parity in education and business practice. At The Impact Seat, we are particularly interested in how women’s science interest and training is funneling into entrepreneurial practice and systems.

Women have made great strides in earning PhDs in life sciences and academic medicine in the US and Europe. Their transference of this talent to serving as Principal Investigators and CEOs of startup technology companies is still limited. So is the participation of senior women scientists on company boards and scientific advisory boards. In tech and energy, progress is even slower and the pipeline in higher education is, in some cases, less than a trickle.

We recommend the following reports, resources and organizations for their description of, and advocacy for, an ecosystem supportive of women entrepreneurs in life sciences and tech:

The Small Business Association: Understanding the Gender Gap in STEM Fields Entrepreneurship

American Association of University Women: Why So Few Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Association for Women in Science: The STEM ecosystem: Gender differences in STEM Entrepreneurship

US Equal Employment Opportunity Council: Women's Work Group Report

Girl Scouts of America: Generation STEM – What Girls Say About Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Professor Dianne P. O'Leary: Accessibility of Computer Science: A Reflection for Faculty Members

ACM-W Council

Women in Bio

National Center for Women in Technology (NCWITT)

Women in Technology International (WITI)

Anita Borg Institute

Barbara Clarke