Recap: Men's Work Webinar

L-R Lorine Pendleton, Dan Tyre and Adam Quinton

L-R Lorine Pendleton, Dan Tyre and Adam Quinton

The purpose of our Men’s Work webinar was to have a conversation with men on how they work to be champions for diversity and inclusion.

Lorine Pendleton, NYC lawyer and investor, moderated the discussion between Dan Tyre, Director of HubSpot and Adam Quinton of Lucas Point Ventures. Read the initial post about the webinar here. Watch it now.

Here’s a timestamp of the conversation to help if you want to jump around.

The video starts with an introduction from Barbara Clarke who turns it over to Lorine.

8:00 minutes: Dan talks about how business is more human and the connections that we all have make business function differently.

9:00 minutes: Adam brings up the use of “advocate” and “supporter” of equality and makes the case that those terms aren’t quite right.

14:00 minutes: Lorine gives data from studies showing the benefit of women’s engagement in business. Adam jumps in with the controversial perspective on the usefulness of the data.

25:00 minutes: Lorine describes how she heard black business leaders talk about how they have to leave their whole self behind when assimilating into the business culture. This led to a discussion of “aha” moments.

32:00 minutes: Lorine brings up the phrase “culture fit” and the conversation gets lively.

36:00 minutes: Dan makes the point that your brand isn't just what your marketing department says. Your brand is your employees.

39:00 minutes: The group discusses the Rooney Rule in hiring and its effectiveness.

48:30 minutes: Lorine shifts the conversation to current events such as Uber, Binary Capital and Silcon Valley's toxic environment.

57:30 minutes: Dan Tyre offered up 4 ideas for actions Uber should take immediately.

Watch the video in its entirety here.

Barbara Clarke