Two More Angel Investment Funds Launching Now With Portfolia

2017 is coming and I am getting ready to make more investments in great companies. In 2016 I was part of The Rising Tide fund through Portfolia. I served on the investment committee and was an investor in the fund. Plus, I am also an investor in Portfolia itself as a platform.

In the Rising Tide Fund, we had 90 members in the fund and those 90 members were all women with a range of investing experience. Some had never made an angel investment in a startup before, some where members of angel groups, while others were partners at venture capital funds. We came from all over the United States and internationally. There were mother/daughter pairs and groups of friends and colleagues. All of whom were interested in seeing the most innovative companies.

With our monthly structure of webinars, we screened over 100 companies who were referred to us by our extensive network of investors.

Some of our members participated in all of our monthly calls, while others popped on every once in awhile and some just checked in by reading our newsletter. At the end of the year, the fund invested in a dozen companies. A diversified portfolio is expected to bring better results for investors.

Now, we are pleased to announce the opening of two new Portfolia investment funds; the Portfolia Consumer Fund and the Portfolia Enterprise Fund.

Portfolia is now taking investments into these new funds with the hope of screening our first investments in January 2017.

These funds are open for individual investments at a minimum of $10,000 and up to $100,000. For family offices, we have opportunities to invest at higher levels.

These Portfolia funds invest in private, high-potential entrepreneurial companies across the US. Our goal is a competitive return, coupled with a unique and engaging investing experience that lets us green-light the companies we want to succeed in the marketplace.

Portfolia funds provide the engagement of angel investing with the diversification and simplicity of a venture fund.

Funds at A Glance

The Portfolia Consumer Fund focuses on emerging tech platforms, products and services that have the capacity to enhance and shift our personal lives. Health, productivity, education, IoT (internet of things), and lifestyle—across the spectrum from baby to aging—we’ll invest in the high-potential opportunities that can be both profitable and transformational. For informational purposes, three prior fund investments that fall within this space are —Envoy (concierge for seniors), Sandstone (OTC male fertility testing) and UnaliWear (IoT-wearable).

The Portfolia Enterprise Fund focuses on transformational opportunities in the business, B2B and general tech category. Media, data, artificial intelligence, communications, security, management tools, health and education platforms– all provide opportunities for transformation in our work lives and hold strong potential for outsized returns. We leverage and benefit from the technology expertise and networks of our full investment community to identify top entrepreneurial companies from around the country. For informational purposes, here are three companies in prior funds that highlight this space – Poshly (data), OtoSense (audio AI/Security), Tenacity (Employee Retention).

How a Portfolia Fund Works

Each fund(s) investment is spread across 6-10 high-potential U.S. based entrepreneurial companies over a 12-month period, providing a diversified ‘Portfolia’ of entrepreneurial companies.

Each fund includes up to 99 accredited investors at levels of $10,000, $25,000, $50,000 or $100,000; ultra high net-worth investors and family offices may invest at a higher level.

Each fund is advised by an experienced cadre of Lead Advisors who identify and recommend top company investments nationally. While committed to guiding the fund, the Lead Advisors are also committed to enriching your experience.

Portfolia invests the fund on behalf of each member, but each member has an opportunity to be involved in the process: viewing pitches, asking questions, making recommendations and attending key events and learning modules.

Typical fund fees include start-up expenses, and annual fees equating to 2%, taken up-front as a part of the individual investment

When returns are earned in an investment, the profits are split 80% to the investor and 20% to the Fund Managers and Lead Advisors, calculated for each company. All profits are distributed to members on an investment-by-investment basis.

Further details of terms are provided in the legal documents, which supersede any other communications.

Portfolia Funds Provide a Learning Community

Each Portfolia Fund is a virtual learning laboratory for entrepreneurial investing. Offered in a collaborative and supportive environment, we share our knowledge and experience as we invest our members’ funds, so that you also grow and develop as you invest. We believe a transparent and open process makes us each more successful. We also know that we have different demands at different times in our lives – you are welcome to jump right in or just observe – whatever best works in your life and schedule.

Portfolia is led by Trish Costello, founder of the prestigious Kauffman Fellows Program, which trains global venture capitalists on the art and science of venture investing. Under her leadership, she brings knowledge, networks and expertise that is unmatched in the venture investing and entrepreneurial world.

As an investor in a Portfolia Fund, you have the advantage of:

Monthly live & interactive video presentations of entrepreneurial companies considered for investment, where you ask questions and provide feedback.

Monthly informal ‘Ask Us Anything’ sessions enabling you to hone your investing judgement with that of the experts

Investing Learning Modules customized for your needs.

Participation on ‘Deal Teams’ to research companies prior to investment, or ‘Success Teams’ to focus the networks of our investors toward the success of the companies

Quarterly Portfolia Company Live Updates keeping you informed on the progress of your Portfolia companies

In-person Portfolia Investor Events, Regionally and Nationally

Application to the Portfolia Fellows Training Program to learn to source companies, lead diligence and advise and lead funds.

Early-Stage Investing is Risky

As exciting as this opportunity is, please remember that early stage investing is risky and you can lose all of your investment. Early stage investing is illiquid; you cannot withdraw your investment from the Fund and the fund may not see a profit for a long period of time. You must be an accredited investor (by SEC regulation) which means that you can verify that you have had an income of $200,000 for the last two years and expect to have that income going forward (or $300,000 if including your spouse); or net assets, minus your home, of $1 million. Additional risks are highlighted in detailed legal documents, which supersede all other communications.

Though Portfolia Funds, We Shift the World: Portfolia is about investing and returns, and it’s also about putting investment dollars behind the companies, teams and products we want in the marketplace.

This post is not a solicitation to invest but is presented as information.

Barbara Clarke