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We’re Building
A New Economy

Re-imagining power and leadership in the innovation economy.

Who we are

Who We Are

We share a vision of an economy that emerges from the pandemic to provide greater opportunity and prosperity for all.

We invest in diverse teams because they win, and I want to win!

Barbara Clarke

Founder and President

Our groundbreaking venture capital and philanthropic fund was founded by Barbara Clarke, one of the most prolific investors in women, especially women of color-led innovative tech startups.

When we democratize access to capital and put diverse teams in positions of power, we can solve big problems faster and with better outcomes. When incredible ideas, fantastic founders and cutting-edge companies get the resources they need to succeed with a team that takes full advantage of the diversity of human experience — we can build a better future, together.

Our Team

We believe in the value of diversity and inclusion to drive our collective future. Our team is built to deliver on those beliefs through diverse dealflow, business best practices, data-driven results, mentoring and resources for forward-thinking entrepreneurs and innovative investors.

Barbara Clarke

Founder and President

Barbara Clarke

Cheryl Contee

Chief Innovation Officer

Cheryl Contee

Terence Craig

Chief Investment Officer

Terence Craig

Gabby De La Cruz

Communications Associate

Gabby De La Cruz

Lisa Jessogne

Executive Assistant

Lisa Jessogne

  • Our expert team reflects our vision of diversity that drives success and that values experience-driven decisionmaking.

    Cheryl Contee

    Chief Innovation Officer

Our Values

The principles below are vital to our approach with individuals and organizations as we speak, mentor, invest and partner.

We are demystifying the investment process to make it more accessible. Opening the door to funding next generation startups creates a more equitable and enlarged economy.


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Results matter - both in value and impact. We look for data and science driven-solutions to our world’s challenges.


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We share the entrepreneurial spirit of invention and innovation that can change the world.


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Progressive and future-oriented values are reflected in our investments and partnerships.


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We celebrate successes alongside our startup founders and partners!


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The truth is the most powerful tool for decision-making.


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We’re creating an ecosystem that is accessible and positive.

Where We Invest

The science is solid on the benefit of diverse teams.

Inclusive innovation is morally sound, produces better decisions, uses capital more efficiently, and provides better returns.

Terence Craig

Chief Investment Officer

In these difficult times, we’re looking to fund powerful, complex innovation that solves big problems. The data consistently shows that diverse teams are essential to building breakthroughs. We are charting a better, more successful way forward.


With investments in over 60 companies and over a dozen venture funds, our investment strategy is centered on diversity, inclusion and profitability. We don’t believe in perpetuating systems that exclude innovation based on what you look like, who you know, or who knows you.


We actively promote dialogue and policymaking in partnership with progressive movement leaders to plant the seeds of greater success for women-led and particularly women-of-color led companies.


The Impact Seat’s strategy is laser-focused on building entrepreneurial ecosystems that create communities of inclusive innovation.

Portfolio Highlights

Funds and Networks

Thought Leadership

May 26th @ 1pm PDT / 4pm EDT

NPR’s How I Built This Summit… At Home

The How I Built This Summit gathers a community of like-minded builders for the third official thought-festival-meets-skill-building-workshop that the New York Times once called “a haven for inspiration.” This year, it's virtual! On May 26th the event will be moderated by our own Chief Innovation Officer, Cheryl Contee, and NPR superstar Guy Raz.

June 18th @ 1pm EDT

Global Diversity and Investment Summit

Join our Chief Innovation Officer, Cheryl Contee, The Inclusive Project, and Sheri Mac Enterprises for a must-see panel on how to build generational wealth as an entrepreneur of color, how to scale your new venture, and more!

June 25th @ 3:30pm EDT

Real Vision’s Festival Of Learning

Join our Chief Innovation Officer, Cheryl Contee, at the Real Vision Festival Of Learning to learn how you can invest in virtue & in the change you want to see in the world. Swing by for a 3-day-long celebration of knowledge!